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Waste handling, waste management, waste disposal, waste, hazardous waste, liquidation of environmental burdens

ATE CR, a.s. has been offering waste handling and management services for 15 years. For this purpose, we classify waste as other and hazardous waste. The waste we handle is usually generated during survey, remediation or similar work (e.g. clearing of warehouses, cleaning of tanks and oil traps, construction and demolition activities, etc.), cleaning of industrial wastewater, and at sites where old environmental burden is remedied.



waste management, waste disposalAll waste disposal operations are carried out in accordance with Act 185/2001 Coll., on waste, and the regulations implementing this Act, as well as with other related legislation (Water Act, Clean Air Act, Chemicals Act, Public Health Protection Act, etc.). 

The transportation of hazardous waste to the disposal site is carried out in accordance with the “European Agreement on International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods - ADR”. All kinds of transported hazardous wastes are identified during the transportation with hazardous waste identification sheets, and measures are adopted to deal with accidents, breakdowns and fires, together with the principles of first aid.

List of the most common activities and operations, in which ATE CR, a.s. offers services related to waste handling:

  • Agricultural buildings (fertilizers, pesticides, car wrecks, petrol stations, PCB wastes, contaminated soil and water)
  • Galvanizing and neutralizing units (heavy metals, cyanide, oil products, old chemicals)
  • Old factories and industrial zones (paints, varnishes, printing inks, PCB waste, tars, materials containing asbestos, textiles, leather industry, wood industry, including the staining and impregnation of wood)
  • Oil processing (including fuel distribution depots and fuel stations)
  • Gas plants (including coal processing, storage)
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Glassworks (linings and refractories)
  • Chemical plants (acid, alkali, TK salts, other inorganic and organic substances)
  • Pharmaceutics, fat plants, production of soaps
  • Laundry, dry cleaning (especially chemical)
  • Asphalt mixing plants (oil products, PAHs, PCBs)
  • Industrial wastewater

In the context of waste handling, we offer waste sampling by trained personnel and the evaluation of the hazardous properties of the waste by an authorized person appointed by the Ministry of the Environment. We offer the processing of waste management plans, and waste guides for the municipal and corporate clientele.



Other waste is waste not included on the List of Hazardous Waste in Decree 381/2001 Coll., that does not have any hazardous characteristics listed in Annex 2 to the Waste Act. Other waste also includes municipal waste generated within municipalities during individuals’ activities. We offer the disposal of all other wastes, except for the treatment of mixed municipal waste.



Hazardous waste is waste included on the List of Hazardous Waste in Decree 381/2001 Coll., with one or more hazardous characteristics listed in Annex 2 to the Waste Act.

waste handling, hazardous wasteWe offer the disposal of “hazardous” waste on the basis of a licence for “Services in the Area of Hazardous Waste Disposal”, issued by the District Office in Prague 10, on 12 November 2003. We also have the necessary permissions within the meaning of Section 16 (3) of Waste Act, for the disposal of hazardous waste in almost all regions of the Czech Republic, including Prague. We are authorized to handle almost 350 types of hazardous waste, within the meaning of Decree 381/2001 Coll., laying down the Catalogue of Waste. A waste manager is responsible for waste handling within the meaning of Section 15 of the Waste Act. We also offer this service to our customers. 



Waste sampling is carried out by a duly trained responsible person who has passed a training course of the Czech Society for Quality entitled “Waste Sampling”, approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Samples are especially taken by means of special samplers. We issue a “Sampling Report” on each sample taken; samples are transported for analyses in an accredited laboratory, immediately after they are taken. The results are processed in the form of a Report.



ATE CR, a.s. is eligible to carry out evaluation of the hazardous properties of waste on the basis of an authorization by the Ministry of the Environment. We hold professional qualifications to evaluate the following hazardous characteristics of wastes (Annex 2 to Waste Act):

  • evaluation of hazardous properties of wasteH1 Explosives 
  • H2 Oxidation capability
  • H3-A High flammability
  • H3-B Flammability
  • H12 Capacity to release highly toxic or toxic gases in contact with water, air or acid 
  • H13 Capacity to release hazardous substances into the environment when removing H14 Ecotoxicity

The remaining evaluation of hazardous waste properties H4-H11 is outsourced. Based on the evaluation, hazardous waste may be transferred, after removing the hazardous constituents, to other wastes, significantly reducing both the quantity and the final price of handling.



Waste management plans (POH) - each waste producer must have such a plan if annually producing more than 10 tonnes of hazardous waste or more than 1000 tonnes of other waste. Waste management plans must be in compliance with the binding part of the regional waste management plan and any amendments thereto. Waste management plans are processes to cover 5-year periods.

In accordance with Section 44 of Act 185/2001 Coll., on waste, we process Waste Management Plans for:

  • Municipalities (especially relating to municipal waste)
  • Contributory organizations administered by municipalities (especially relating to hazardous waste)
  • Corporate clientele (especially relating to other and hazardous waste)
  • Individuals (especially relating to other and hazardous waste)