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For LEGAL entities, environmental services, ATE CR, hydrogeological survey, well services, geological work, remediation


Well services, heat pumps

  • “turnkey” tubular wells and drinking and service water intake structures for industrial applications, food processing, farming and sports facilities
  • comprehensive supply of boreholes for heat pumps
  • well services, heat pumps - more info

Consulting and guidance services in environmental protection

  • EIA - processing of “notices”, “documentation” and “opinions” regarding environmental plans and policies
  • environmental audits and risk analyses in connection with the transfer (purchase, sale) of real estate - surveys of ecological safety of sites, including the economic aspects
  • investor’s expert technical supervision of eco-project implementation
  • processing of applications for IPPC integrated permits under Decree No. 554/2002 Coll.
  • consulting services in environmental protection - more info

Hydrogeological studies, projects, assessments and evaluation

  • hydrogeological survey of groundwater resources, establishment of waste management plans, operating regulations of water sources, complete project documentation for building permits and consultation with authorities.
  • hydrogeological survey of contamination of sites exposed to old environmental burden, illegal dumping, and brownfields
  • hydrogeological studies, projects, assessments - more info

Waste management

Geological services - remediation

  • geological survey of sites
  • remediation of contaminated ground, including contaminated groundwater
  • contamination monitoring
  • certified sampling of soil, soil gas, groundwater and surface water
  • illegal dumping sites - examination, project development, redevelopment
  • geological services, remediation - more info