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Designing, well services

Before actually seeking for sources of groundwater within the client’s site and before we start designing work, we search for the necessary information regarding the location from maps and archives.

Recommendation: We recommend having a well ready before you start building your house. This has two advantages: You avoid the risk of having your house and building site damaged by the drilling equipment used (the access to the site for the technology is not complicated), and you ensure an independent source of water for the construction process.



  • Drilled well in Doubravčice
  • Price: CZK 120 000

drilled well in Doubravčice

  • 1. cover panel
  • 2. concrete curbs
  • 3. concrete panel
  • 4. clay sealing (bentonite)
  • 5. backfill using the excavated material
  • 6. full fit-out
  • 7. gravel wall (gravel 4/8)
  • 8. perforated fit-out - filter
  • 9. submersible pump
  • 10. mud collector

The scope of the job included the pumping test, water sample analysis, project documentation, final report and consultations with authorities.