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The environmental services offered by ATE CR, a.s. cover the areas of old environmental burdens and illegal dumping, revitalization of industrial zones - brownfields, environmental monitoring, environmental audits, surveys of public burying grounds, cleaning and disinfection of existing wells and boreholes, including comprehensive environmental consulting.



Contaminated soil, geological environment and groundwater (old environmental burdens) are a major problem in the area of environmental protection. Environmental burden is in many cases the source of unacceptable risks to human health, groundwater and surface water, natural resources and other environmental components. The existence of environmental burdens often prevents further development of sites, thus limiting the property owner’s ability to use them.

Illegal dumping sites, environmental services

Our environmental services also include the removal of illegal dumping sites in accordance with the applicable legislation, including environmental surveys of the potential contamination of soil and groundwater, remediation of pollution and the site preparation for further use.

Revitalization of industrial sites (brownfields), environmental services

environmental services, consultancy, environmental auditsBrownfields are mainly industrial areas, entirely or partly abandoned or with just a minimum use, situated within urbanized areas. Brownfields constitute the physical and economic deprivation of the areas and their surroundings, and are often contaminated or otherwise devastated due to the former operations (manufacturing, mining, etc.), which makes them unattractive for future use. Brownfields are generally the legacy of the industrial past, mostly constituted by industrial sites (called production brownfields).

Sometimes they may also be abandoned farming sites, unused railway land, former military facilities, or public facilities that are no longer used (so-called non-productive or other brownfields). The existence of brownfields leads to significant economic and environmental losses, as they are situated inside urban areas but do not provide any benefits and they can be burdensome and a source of unacceptable risks to the public health and the environment.

ATE CR, a.s. offers comprehensive environmental services and solutions relating to this issue. We will issue a revitalization project quantifying the costs of its implementation, and an application for financial support from the EU resources. We have experts of all professions needed to determine the degree of area contamination and its liquidation, including the area preparation for further reasonable use.



environmental services, consultancy, environmental auditsMonitoring of the environment is a service consisting in the measurement, monitoring and evaluation of selected parameters of all its components. We carry out the measurement using simple and fully automated systems, together with the follow-up processing and evaluation of measured data. Knowledge of the current state of environmental components within a particular location is a necessary precondition for further land use.

Environmental services and monitoring: we carry out monitoring of the biosphere, soil and rock environments (soil quality and soil gas monitoring) and hydrosphere (monitoring of surface water and groundwater quality).

Monitoring of soil and rock environment, environmental services

We take soil samples from shallow bores, in which we set the agrochemical soil properties, including risk elements according to Decree 382/2001 Coll. on the conditions for use of treated sludges on agricultural land (Annex 1).

Boreholes are also used for the content of soil gas. Using one-off measurements, we determine the direct composition of soil gas in the rock mass; we also carry out repeated measurements to determine the development of the monitored parameters. We carry out our measurements using ECOPROBE equipment, or by analysing soil gas samples in accredited laboratories.

Monitoring of surface water - analysis, water level

environmental services, consultancy, environmental auditsThe surface water monitoring includes the measurement of the water level in water courses, depending on the season and rainfall intensity, together with the measurement of the water flow volumes. We monitor the surface water quality in the form of water sampling and subsequent analyses. Accredited laboratories carry out physical, chemical, biological and microbiological analyses.

Groundwater monitoring, environmental services

We carry out groundwater monitoring to measure the groundwater level at a short-term and long-term horizon, depending on the season and rainfall intensity. We use portable devices to measure some of the important water properties directly in the field - pH, conductivity, temperature and oxygen content.

We analyse groundwater samples to monitor quality parameters. Sampling is performed with the water level in a static or dynamic condition. We carry out physical, chemical and microbiological analyses in accredited laboratories.



environmental services, consultancy, environmental auditsWe render our environmental services and process environmental audits in connection with the transfer of state or private property (municipalities, land fund, military property, etc.) to legal persons, individuals, or municipalities. This is usually divided into two phases, i.e. administrative and survey part. We will independently review all available data regarding individual environmental components from the historical results of surveys previously conducted within the site and its surroundings. We provide a comprehensive analysis of risk factors resulting from the existence of any environmental burdens. Environmental audits include proposals for remedial measures and quantification of the financial costs required for the implementation thereof.


We carry out surveys of old and new public burial grounds pursuant to Act No. 256/2001 Coll., on funeral services. As a result of environmental services is the evaluation of geologic and hydrogeologic conditions of the site, establishing a maximum depth of burial and the decomposition time to be an essential part of the operating systems of burial sites approved by state authorities.


We clear sediments from wells and boreholes and disinfect them. For the disinfection of wells and boreholes, we use specialized commercially available products like “SAVO Original” or SAGEN disinfectant with long-effect (so-called “liquid silver”), particularly suitable for the disinfection of dug wells.

Before the application of disinfectant, we will determine the water volume in the well. We clean sediments from wells using submersible or sludge pumps. Depending on purified water is going to be used, we complete the process of well cleaning by taking water samples and subsequently analysing them in an accredited laboratory.