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For capital construction, earthwork and excavation work, hydrogeological survey, consultancy

The services for capital construction include preparatory work for various construction activities. We especially carry out earthwork and excavation work, drainage of sites, hydrogeological and absorption studies, environmental research of future sites, including abandoned former industrial sites (brownfields). We also provide environmental consultancy.



preparations for capital constructionThe preparations for capital construction include earthwork, grading and excavation work, especially in connection with construction activities, drainage of construction sites and technical reclamation. In order to obtain additional data for the construction purposes, we carry out hydrogeological and absorption surveys, issue opinions on the suitability of the construction of domestic wastewater treatment plants and root zone wastewater treatment plants, opinions regarding the absorption of treated water from the domestic wastewater treatment plants and root zone wastewater treatment plants, and an environmental audit of the rock environment contamination - so-called environmental miniaudit. 

Preparations - earthwork and excavation work, grading work

In connection with the demolition of old long-disused brownfield buildings (including buildings contaminated by hazardous substances) or the remediation of old environmental burdens, we carry out earthwork, excavation work and grading.

For capital construction - building site drainage

During the course of construction we drain water from the excavated pits, using powerful sludge pumps, to deal with groundwater penetrating the pits or stormwater. If the pumped water is contaminated, we pre-treat the pumped water prior to its discharge into the sewer or recipient, using mobile decontamination units of our own production.

Preparations for capital construction - technical recultivation

In connection with the demolition of old buildings or the excavation of soils, especially soil contaminated by hazardous substances, we backfill the excavated pits with inert material, followed by compaction of the surface according to the investor’s requirements, and technical rehabilitation to make the site ready for new construction or use.

Hydrogeological investigation, absorption survey

hydrogeological investigation, absorption surveyWe carry out hydrogeological surveys of planned construction sites, to determine the groundwater levels. This is also associated with the possible need to pump groundwater from the foundation pit. Hydrogeological surveys are closely related with absorption surveys, verifying the absorption situation within the location. This means the suitability of the rock under soft surfaces to absorb rainwater from hard surfaces, also in the event of rainstorms. The groundwater level is also related to proposals and modifications of absorption pits because according to the law (Act 254/2001 Coll., Water Act), no wastewater or rainwater may be drained directly to a zone of groundwater saturation. 

Suitability of the construction of domestic wastewater treatment plants and root zone wastewater treatment plants, and pre-treated water absorption

Within the scope of our hydrogeological opinions, we also carry out assessments from the perspective of the suitability for domestic wastewater treatment plants and root zone wastewater treatment plants. Within sites where domestic wastewater treatment plants and root zone wastewater treatment plants have been approved for use with family homes, we also monitor the potential absorption quantities and the quality of the treated water. The absorption places are selected so as to avoid any contamination of the existing groundwater sources, both within the site and in the vicinity.

Environmental survey of geological contamination

environmental survey of geological contaminationThe exploration of contaminated soils is especially carried out at the request of investors and real estate agents planning building constructions within abandoned industrial sites (brownfields) or old household waste dumps. This is a so-called environmental miniaudit, during which we assess the characteristics of the current bedrock (soil) as a material that can be left in place or used at other locations for levelling purposes. The evaluation is carried out according to Decree 294/2005 Coll., on the details of waste management, and it includes the determination of indicators in dry matter (according to Annex 10, Table 10.1 of the Decree), and ecotoxicological tests (according to Annex 10, Table 10.2, column I and II of the Decree). 



Engineering services in capital construction include technical supervision, as well as the relevant records in building logs, and cooperation with the project designer’s supervision.

Technical supervision = professional investor’s supervision of the construction process

Technical supervision includes the investor’s professional supervision of the construction process, both as regards compliance with the approved project documentation, and compliance with occupational safety principles. We make daily entries in building logs.

Cooperation with designer’s supervision representatives

This cooperation governs some activities under the professional qualifications of ATE CR, a.s., such as hydrogeological supervision, remediation supervision, supervision regarding the sampling of wastewater, other and hazardous wastes, or special supervision of waste disposal.