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Engineering geology,Engineering & geological survey for the processing of building designs

Before processing a design for the construction of new buildings, such as family homes, factory structures, bridges, dams, parking places or utility networks, it is essential to identify the structure and characteristics of the ground below the designed building, including the groundwater level and its chemical composition. The engineering & geological survey covers all tasks required to obtain the necessary understanding of the engineering & geological conditions within the site.

Výsledky průzkumu poskytnou projektantovi stavby potřebné The survey results provide designers with the necessary essential information about the foundation conditions of the area in question, the physical and mechanical properties of the ground, and its suitability for the intended construction project. The engineering & geological survey is a very important and necessary part of the basic preparation stage of each design.

Preparation and research

The actual field survey is preceded by the research of archived resources covering previous geological surveys in the area. This is followed by the reconnaissance of the terrain and the definition of spots for exploratory bores, so as to avoid any conflict with the existing utility lines.

Engineering geology, engieering research Engineering geology, engieering research Engineering geology, engieering research

Field survey and assessment of results

The engineering & geological survey carried out under expert supervision by a qualified geologist includes the field survey tasks, such as the exploratory bores, documentation of the bore core, taking samples for laboratory analyses, and the necessary field measurements.

After the completion of the field survey and the laboratory analysis of the soil and groundwater samples, the final report from the engineering & geological survey is issued. This includes the assessment of the engineering & geological conditions of the area in question, and the recommendations for construction, as well as the identification of the basic hydrogeological conditions within the site.

Engineering geology for the purposes of designing and construction of civic and residential buildings, industrial structures and shopping centres

We offer complete survey of the areas concerned for the designing of this type of buildings. In addition to the assessment of foundation conditions the survey also assesses the area from the perspective of its suitability for the disposal of rainwater and treated waste water from local wastewater treatment plants, in the form of infiltration to the soil within the area concerned, as well as the radon survey and corrosion survey.

Classification of the workability of soils and rocks

For the purpose of excavation work (both surface and line type) and for the construction of underground structures, we carry out the classification of excavated soils and rocks in terms of their workability according to the original ČSN 73 3050 or the current ČSN 73 6133. During the implementation of the construction work, we offer the professional documentation of the excavation work, including the investor’s supervision, where applicable.

Submission of bids and designs for engineering & geological surveys

Based on the specification of the designed structure and the current level of knowledge regarding the area concerned, we will process a binding price quotation for the necessary survey work.

Engineering geology, list of prices, delivery times

In most cases the prices for engineering & geological surveys rendered by ATE ČR, a.s. are between CZK 8,000 and 13,000.

Engineering geology, engieering research

The standard price for the complete engineering & geological survey for the construction of a family home, including the necessary technical field work, also including the infiltration survey for the disposal of rain water, hydrogeological survey, radon surveys and anti-corrosion survey, is between CZK 18,000 and 27,000. The final price depends on the complexity of the natural conditions within the area in question.

The delivery times for complete engineering & geological surveys are up to 2 weeks following the purchase order date.