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Municipalities, authorities and institutions,environmental services, hydrogeological survey, well services, remediation


Well services and heat pump boreholes

  • tubular wells and drinking and service water intake structures for individual or mass water supply purposes, football pitches and golf courses, cemeteries, parks, swimming pools, snow application on skiing slopes, farming irrigation, including the taking of water samples for laboratory analyses and pumping tests
  • cleaning and disinfection of existing wells and boreholes
  • comprehensive supply of boreholes for heat pumps
  • well services and heat pump boreholes - more info

Consulting and guidance services in environmental protection

  • counselling and processing project and documents for use of EU funding
  • EIA - processing of “notices”, “documentation” and “opinions” regarding environmental plans and policies
  • environmental audits, risk analyses in connection with the transfer (purchase, sale) of state and private real estate of legal entities, individuals, and municipalities
  • inspection activities (supervision) - technical supervision, investor’s supervision of the processing and implementation of environmental projects
  • processing of applications for IPPC integrated permits under Decree No. 554/2002 Coll.
  • consulting services in environmental protection - more info

Hydrogeological studies, projects, assessments and evaluation

  • hydrogeological survey of water resources, establishment of buffer zones, development of operating regulations for resources, expertises and project documentation for building permits
  • hydrogeological survey of public burial grounds in accordance with Act No. 256/2001 Coll., on funeral services, determination of the maximum depth of burial and decomposition times, which are a necessary part of burial ground operating regulations
  • hydrogeological survey of sites contamination, old environmental burdens, illegal dumping sites and brownfields, processing of designs and implementation of corrective measures
  • hydrogeological and absorption survey for construction purposes, assessment of locations for wastewater treatment plants
  • hydrogeological studies, projects, assessments - more info

Waste management

  • processing of waste management plans (POH) - each waste producer must have such a plan if annually producing more than 10 tonnes of hazardous waste or more than 1000 tonnes of other waste - the waste management plans are processed for at least 5 years
  • sampling and evaluation of hazardous properties of waste
  • waste management - more info

Geological services - remediation

  • geological survey of sites
  • decontamination of contaminated soil, construction materials and groundwater
  • contamination monitoring
  • sampling of soil, soil gas, groundwater and surface water
  • illegal dumping sites - examination, project development and implementation of remedial measures
  • revitalization of industrial areas - brownfields
  • geological services, remediation - more info